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Roulette Double System

If you are a fan of the most famous red black wheel in the world, you have surely heard of the Roulette Double System. The Martingale system, also so called, can be used in many areas. This does not mean that where it is most used is in the Little Wheel. It is a world-famous strategy that has, like all systems, advantages and disadvantages. In fact, this mode of play Online Casino AU could tempt many players to bet more than they should in search of the lucky break. This strategy consists of always betting on the same number or combination, doubling the bet amount each time until that combination comes up.

For example, in the roulette doubling system the bet will always be placed on black or red. In craps, however, the bet is always placed on the "don't pass" or "pass". As said before, the strategy consists in always betting on the same number or on the same combination, doubling your bet on each spin, until luck falls on the player's side. The system should only be used on combinations that have a 50% chance of exiting during the round (such as red or black, or pass or don't pass).

Example of a red black doubling system: the player bets a chip on red's exit. If the player loses, on the next round he will always bet 2 chips on red. If he loses again, the player will be another 4 tokens on red. The player will continue to double on the same color (4, 8, 16, 32, 64 ...) until the red comes out. In this way, at the time of winning, the player will regain the money lost in the previous wagers. Martingale system will bring you small wins in the short, but due to the strong progression, it is a risky strategy to use in the long term.

In the long run, the amount lost will certainly be greater than what you manage to win. At first it may seem like it works, but the math doesn't lie! So, don't make extensive use of it! You could end up losing a lot of money and love of the game. This system, as mentioned above, can be applied to various machines a sous en ligne games, such as on the various versions of the wheel. Furthermore, the system itself has several variants based on the same theory:

The strategy is to limit what doubled bets are to be wagered. It is a variant that finds application in short-term operation. Normally limits are placed on doubling the stakes, such as up to a maximum of 3 double. A variant of the red black doubling system that has been specially developed to overcome the problem of low winnings compared to the risk to which the player is subjected. Instead of doubling, your stakes are quadrupled, with consequent risks to your bankroll. The player wills not double his loss after a loss, but after a win.